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4 Critical Reasons you are not getting customers

Many beginning entrepreneurs are always struggling with that critical for the business functioning issue.

Here in Camel Marketing, we have figured out that it might be great to finally create a simple formula that helps startups with getting customers and sales.

Surprisingly, we have managed to see similarities between startups (or start-ups, whichever you prefer) from different industries. From technological to cosmetics or even aviation.


This article will instantly help you understand your lack of sales


Business sales handshake

1. You don't know your customers

What? How come I don't know my customers? In most cases, business owners assume they know the customer although in many cases there was little or even no customer analysis done. Business owners either assume their target audience and the reality is not validating that or simply were so focused on their product development that they forgot to think who should it be sold to.

You have two choices here either analyse your existing customer database and think who responded the most and look for similarities. Doing it yourself of course is the best budget way and will save you some money.

Although, it isn't a sustainable business method. Simply hire a professional to do it for you, it can be done relatively cheaply (For example, we do it for as little as £35 [$45] for customer analysis) and save you loads of time.

2. Lack of brand awareness

Indeed. How can someone buy your product if they... don't know you exist? We have come across clients that wanted to always focus on sales and therefore provide a lack of brand awareness. Currently, in the digital marketing era, we are more and more dependable on reaching out to customers via the internet.

Brand Strategy and Brand Awareness Creation
Brand Strategy

Therefore if you want to get sales, you firstly need to make sure customers know you exist. Sales improvement and brand awareness are like shoe and shoelace - inter dependable.

Of course one of the best ways to increase your brand awareness is via marketing campaigns and if you are really interested in making an impact why not try a digital marketing strategy for your business? With an online advertising strategy, you are able to get customers with relatively little effort. Prices usually range from $100 for a simple one to $5000+ for more competitive ones. Our pricing strategy is simple - $190 for a campaign for company launch.

3. Pricing Strategy that isn't for your business

Yep, the prices. It doesn't necessarily mean you have to lower the prices to get more customers. Sometimes you actually have to...increase them. Camel Marketing customers know well that our bestseller that actually conquered the market was a pricing strategy.

Price is a promise of quality and if you want to make sure your customers get this quality. They need to see that the price is not too low, not too high.

Of course, if your prices aren't competitive then you won't make it as well. It's a tough place and there are a lot of factors that will affect an effective pricing strategy (or as we call it - a pricing plan).

Firstly, which strategy is the best for you? We enlist several pricing strategies for example:

  1. Penetration Pricing

  2. Premium Pricing

  3. Freemium Pricing

  4. Pay what you want

  5. Economy Pricing

  6. Price Skimming

  7. Psychological Pricing

With recent raises on subscription pricing and annual contracts everywhere, we can also see a new shift towards payment strategies rather than only pricing management.

If you are unsure about your own prices we can of course check them for you FOR FREE. Simply book a short 15 min call with us (HERE) or write an email with a question (Also Here).

4. Not using market trends

You start a business and want to do as much as possible and focus on how you can improve your overall score, but forget about one trendy thing - market trends.

If you want to improve your score with the customers and improve sales drastically in a relatively short time - utilise ongoing movement on the market. Good market research will be available to show you what is currently going on and how you will be able to score higher with the customers.

Especially what boosts your brand via market trends is the fresh look. Every brand wants to be innovative. They can even praise pioneer digital marketing strategies used. But in reality, if the posts used aren't on-trend, is the business really that innovative in eyes of the customer?

Market Analysis and Trends

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R. V. Datmir
R. V. Datmir
Nov 17, 2022

One of two things happens when I try to let potential customers know I exist. One is absolutely nothing, and two is I get blocked by a moderator. It is like you are prohibited from actually starting. So what is the bloody point?

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