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Marketing Strategy Coca-Cola

Here in Camel Marketing we always wonder, what can we learn from the best to make the perfect marketing campaign? In order to do that we analyse thousands of marketing case studies, including - going through the world's toughest competition.

Coca Cola can on Marketing Strategy article on Camel Marketing website
Coca Cola's Marketing Strategy

Coca Cola's Marketing Strategy and Analysis - what made them so great?

Coca-Cola is the world's largest soft drink corporation. Its goods are sold in over 200 countries throughout the world. Outside of the United States, it produces 80% of its earnings. They have massive brand awareness all around the globe. According to the poll, around 94 per cent of people throughout the world are familiar with Coca Cola's red and white logo.

We are almost sure, we've managed to crack open the secret chamber of Coca Cola's marketing and advertising success.

Coca-Cola Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

Segmentation assists the brand with characterizing the suitable items for explicit client segments. Coca Cola doesn't focus on a particular audience. However, they do develop new products to adapt to a new marketing strategy.

Advertising strategy of Coca-Cola

Likewise, it utilizes a blend of undifferentiated and mass promoting strategies (such as speciality advertising for specific items) to drive sales in the highly competitive market. Coke is positioned as the most important brand of the mainstream culture and overall and is preferred by individuals of all age groups while the eating regimen coke targets speciality portion for individuals who are more wellbeing cognizant.

Coca Cola utilizes a competitive positioning tactic to be a direct rival in the Non-alcoholic drinks market.

Marketing Strategy of Coca Cola

We have to contemplate several parts once planning the selling strategy—these ways associated with one another in such the simplest way that they meet the company's goals. Coca-Cola is one of the everyday examples that engineered its selling strategy in order that it's recognised and likeable everywhere the globe. Its selling strategy is that they are doing correct analysis and analysis regarding the factors so apply it.

Coca Cola's Marketing strategy in America

Marketing segmentation

We outline market segmentation in order that customers UN agency share a constant set of desires and demands and as a number one trade, you ought to got to understand the wants and your target market and the way you fulfil and satisfy their desires and needs.

Mass selling strategy vs. target selling strategy

Coca-Cola target each client within the market, however, its main focus is age, family size, income. the right segmentation is that the reason behind the success of Coca-Cola.


One of the foremost necessary factors that Coca-Cola targets area unit age, divided into 2 segments.

Firstly they aim for adolescents age between10-35. which is why it largely uses pop stars in their ad. They prepare totally different campaigns in universities, colleges, schools, etc. in exploit contracts.

They conjointly target elder folks forty and UN agency area unit diet acutely aware and diabetic, introduced diet coke.

Income and family size

Income is another issue that's divided, and it's associated with family size too. Coca-Cola introduced {different|totally different|completely different} packaging and sizes at different value levels in order that everybody simply affords it. particularly students, social class, a low category in order that everybody enjoys the style of coke.

Geographical segmentation

As we know, the Coca-Cola Company sells its merchandise globally and in additional than two hundred countries. They apply to sell ways consistent with financial gain, culture, customs, and climate.

For example, in America and China in America, the merchandise demand reached a high level, and it's likeable by aged folks too, and in China, the potential of growth is high, however, it differs from environs and desires.

In Asian regions, folks largely like tea rather than beverages. there's variation in selling ways, ad campaigns, drink look and style, attributable to people's various style.

Taste varies consistent with the region like Asian folks like sweeter style than different countries, however the essential ingredients and method area unit constant worldwide.

Gender segmentation

Coca- Cola conjointly targets consistent with gender, male, and feminine otherwise. However, there's a distinction in style and preference.

For example, Coca-Cola lightweight is in style among females, particularly among young ladies, coke zero, and thumbs up area unit in style among males because of its sturdy style.

They use totally different targeting ways like in planning the coke zero packagings. They use a red and black appearance, which provides an additional masculine appearance as compared to coke lightweight. And there's conjointly a distinction in commercials and advertising campaigns. These selling ways area unit applied the attract folks and increase the sales of the merchandise, that provides with high profit to the corporate.

PEST-Analysis of the Coca-Cola Company

PEST analysis is abbreviated as political, economic, social, and technology; it analyzes the c setting during which the corporate operates its system.

Political issue

The government have correct management and check on the procedures and method of non-alcoholic beverages. FDA (Food and drug administration) controls this method. The changes within the law have a robust influence because they might cause an effect on tax.

In recent years there's a lot of changes within the law to keep up quality and healthy consumption of food. Moreover, in several universities, schools, effervescent drinks area unit prohibited.

The production of Coca-Cola influences several government systems.

Many huge corporations like Coca-Cola observe area unit lobbing. In Europe, a brand new system traffic light-weights area unit introduced during which the healthy foods area unit indicated by an inexperienced light-weight and therefore the non-healthy by a red light. Coca-Cola needed to advertise this project and begin lobbing with success.

In each country, political stability plays a major role in investment within the country. consistent with each state, the corporate has got to verify the leader law of the state as a result of they need an enormous range of employers in numerous countries.

Economic factors

Economic factors play a major role, like the country's economic process, what Interest rates they provide, what Exchange rates are unit going, and therefore the rate matters a great deal.

Manufacturer corporations, rather like Coca-Cola they attract to low exchange rates and therefore the low-interest rates. the corporate borrows cash and invests it. If their area unit high inflation rates, it affects the corporate, particularly their analysis on new merchandise or technology as a result of it affects the cost-effectiveness.

Another strategy that Coca-Cola follows is that they invest in developing countries wherever labour is affordable. as an example, within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, they need to pay additional salaries compared to Asian countries.

Societal factors

Social factors play a major role in selling. The health-conscious folks have an effect on a great deal of promoting of Coca-Cola merchandise. they like the diet coke over regular Coca-Cola, and lots of folks switch from alcoholic beverages to non-alcoholic as a result of it's not appropriate for health.

Population growth rate varies from country to country; it conjointly affects merchandise selling and consumption. The country has got to adapt its production and distribution strategy consistent with it.

Age is one of the vital factors, and Coca-Cola took advantage of it. It largely targets the young generation, and therefore the country with additional young generations provides a substantial profit thereto compared to the senior population.

Income distribution and career aptitudes conjointly play a vital role decision-making method.

Coca-Cola is an associate degree yank product, and its sales conjointly rely on however folks open towards American and yank merchandise.

Coca Cola bottle in a sunset

Marketing Technology

With the advancement in technology and therefore the use of technology enormously increase the sales of Coca-Cola. as an example, company use glass bottles then plastic bottles and cans area unit utilized it becomes simple for folks to bin them simply.

With the advancement of communication channels, television, and therefore the web considerably influence communication technologies and selling ways.

CCE( Coca-Cola enterprise ) has six trendy factories and utilises trendy technology to confirm the simplest higher quality and fast delivery. advanced machinery is put in in Wakefield. It produces will with such a high speed than the attention will see. it's the quickest twenty-one bottle line production within the world.

Marketing ways of Coca Cola

Marketing billboard of Coca-Cola

Product strategy

Coca-cola contains a wide selection of merchandise, and that they area unit soft drinks these merchandise area unit offered globally, and its product strategy will be studied by selling combine. the subsequent area unit merchandise like Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Light, Minute Maid, Coca-Cola Life, PowerAde Zero, Coca-Cola Zero, and faerie Fanta, etc. These merchandise area units sold in varied packing and sizes. they need a major share within the market and generate huge profits for the corporate.

Pricing strategy

Coca-Cola's value remains mounted for regarding seventy-three years. It values solely 5 cents over time. The competition will increase within the market with competitions like dope is that the biggest competitor of Coca-Cola. attributable to this, the corporate has got to create its evaluation strategy versatile. If the corporate follows this strategy, then customers of their product begin distrustful its quality, thus this considerably drops {the value|the worth|the price} or its value if the corporate will increase its price immoderately, and folks switch to the choice.

Place strategy

Coca-cola is that the international trade, and that they have an enormous network of distribution, their merchandise area unit sold in additional than two-hundred countries. they need six operation regions: geographic region, Africa, Europe, Pacific, continent & North America. the corporate depends on its bottling partners and for packing and distribution. The bottling partners area unit to blame for manufacture, packaging and shipping to the agents then transported by road to stockiest then to distributors to retailers so to the ultimate client. this is often the channel through that it's distributed daily. The coca-cola merchandise area unit on the market in most shops, supermarkets, grocery stores, etc. its merchandise also are distributed in numerous restaurants and hotels globally. Coca-Cola has an in-depth network of a reverse offer chain that collect the leftover glass bottle and reprocess it, therefore saving value and resources.

Promotion strategy of Coca-Cola

Due to intense competition within the market, Coca-Cola focuses on totally different promotional and selling ways. They largely target aggressive selling. consistent with statistics, Coca-Cola spent 4$ million in 2016, and in 2018 it spends four.1$ million in the promotion of its complete. It utilizes each ancient and international mediums for the advertising of its complete.

Classic bottle of Coca Cola's

When the corporate was losing market in 1913, it organized a world contest for planning the bottle. The company's primary purpose is to point to its customers that Coca-Cola is that the most exceptional product and to be confused by the other brown beverages. The winner of the competition uses the cocoa pod's style in such a pretty method that the corporate starts promoting form and brand. Then plastic replaces by glass as a strand means that of drinking globally.

Coca-Cola font and brand style

The company set to put in writing the brand within the Spenserian script to differentiate from its competitors. The formula and brand stay constant, however, the packaging changed with time. The method the corporate uses its brand in selling strategy remains imprinted on consumers' minds for over 100 years.


Coca-Cola ne'er deviates from its track albeit it becomes an enormous trade. Across several decades the selling strategy communicates the constant sturdy message of happiness, enjoyment, and pleasure. ne'er quit of its vogue and simply translated worldwide.

Localised positioning

In 2018 the corporate launched its campaign to share a coke in nearly fifty countries, and this campaign went terribly no-hit. They print messages, pictures of celebrities of the region, and these messages area unit consistent with the native culture of the realm, and language. during this method, they aim at the native market. this is often a wonderful example of however localised positioning applied to the worldwide market.


Coca-Cola may be a well-recognised complete for its sponsorships. Its long sponsorships history embody yank idol, the Olympic Games, NASCAR, and lots of additional.


With the advancement in technology, online communication channels become the foremost vital supply of promotion. And Coca-Cola takes advantage of all social media platforms and make a profile on them. It conjointly takes half in an internet ad. Like on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat. they're on the market on all social media platforms. Their selling strategy is thus distinctive, particularly considering however distinctive the complete is and attracting dozens of individuals. the first purpose of Coca-Cola is complete recognition, awareness regarding the complete.

Global reaching

Coca- Cola Company is globally famed for its largest soda trade, and it's in operation in additional than two hundred countries. Whenever any major tragedy happens in any region, the Coca-Cola company is here and support the folks no matter doable to them they are doing to convey relief to the folks from the disaster and create all the affordable recovery efforts. These initiatives go forgotten by media however noticed by folks on the bottom UN agency area unit directly attached.

SWOT analysis of Coca Cola

SWOT analysis is that the company's framework, and it's the abbreviation of strength, weakness, threats, and opportunities. the interior factors' strength and weaknesses, and therefore the external ones area unit threads and opportunities.

Strengths of Coca Cola

One of the most strengths of Coca-Cola is its brand. the corporate has existed for this long, and it's ceaselessly rising its relationship with its customers and become one among the known brands globally.

  1. Global brand awareness and recognition

  2. Creative Marketing Strategies

  3. One of the largest market shareholders

  4. Brand Equity

  5. Superb base of Loyal Customers

  6. Logistical Network

  7. Highly recognisable product that never goes out of business

Weaknesses of Coca Cola

  1. Established and known competitors

  2. Low Product Diversification and Development ability

  3. Recognised globally as a cause of obesity (bad marketing fame)

  4. Environmental issues

Opportunities of Coca Cola

  1. Product Diversification

  2. Developing and introducing the nations to alternatives

  3. Rebranding with healthier choices

  4. Marketing the lesser-known products

  5. Becoming the symbol of a new corporate responsibility

Threats of Coca Cola

  1. Losing to a more creative and agile Competitor (Pepsi)

  2. Failure of rebranding

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